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Please fill out this form in its entirety.  If there is a portion or question that is required and you cannot fill it out please state N/A or "will email at a later time".  This form cannot be saved so please look it over and make sure you have all of the information required.  If you have any questions feel free to ask them at


Application must be postmarked or submitted by April 21st for the year being submitted.

Mail completed application and official high school transcript to MAES El Paso Scholarships, P.O. Box 962157, El Paso, Texas  79996-2157.


We thank you for your participation in the MAES Latinos in Science and Engineering El Paso Scholarship Program and wish you success in all your future endeavors.



The MAES El Paso scholarship is available for high school seniors who will be attending the University of Texas at El Paso to pursue a degree in math, science or engineering.


High School Counselor Certification:

Financial Need Information

This section must be completed by parent(s); or guardian; or applicant if self-supporting.  If this section is not completed, it will be assumed that no financial need exists. **If you are filling this out at school and need your parents/ guardians to fill this portion out, please type "email at a later time" and send an email with Name and High School and the information requested to  Thank You 


For the year this application is being submitted (may use latest figures available as reported to the IRS for the previous year):

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